Building the World’s Best Cold Chain

From end to end, every link in your cold chain is essential

LifeConEx establishes points of visibility and control to strengthen shipment accuracy and quality. We call these points “ChainLinks.” By placing enough ChainLinks in the right places, we make certain your shipments are safe, secure and never out of sight. Should an adverse event take place, these frequent checkups also work as points for intervention. Over time, we analyse every connection in your cold chain, enabling us to better understand and continuously improve your logistics and do what’s best for your product.

Our Process

  • Analyse
  • Optimise
  • Manage
  • Review
  • analyse iconIn the initial analysis stage, we identify your immediate and intermediate cold chain objectives. This includes the assessment of all product requirements and factors that could influence your packaging or shipment process. From environment, to partners, to cost, we take everything into account before we set out to build your cold chain.
  • optimise iconIn the optimise stage, we develop your optimised cold chain. We do this by taking the information we gathered in the analyse stage to lay out the framework for how we can best use our services to build your best cold chain. We outline temperature profiles, packaging requirements, compliance requirements and more, and then implement our technologies to best suit them.
  • manage iconThe manage stage of the process is centered on constant surveillance and proactive intervention. In the previous stage, we established all the tools necessary to maintain oversight over your shipment, and now we’re putting them to use to make sure your product moves from departure to destination without error.
  • review iconThe final stage, review, feeds back into our first stage, analyse. In the review stage, we collect all data, do reporting, investigate adverse events, undertake corrective and preventative actions and more to understand how we can improve your cold chain. We also use the analytics we gather in this stage to improve our analysis in stage one.

With every COLD CHAIN we build, we follow a process that starts and ends with ANALYSIS to drive continuous improvement. Within the process, we assure quality, visibility, accuracy and efficiency by supporting your cold chain with customisable features and services such as ChainLinks, LifeTrack and ConExion.

Everything You Need. Nothing You Don’t.

We start with three service feature bundles to meet your unique needs — LifeConEx Pro, Elite and Ultra. With each successive service bundle, more ChainLinks are built into the cold chain, and expanded capabilities are added to components like LifeTrack and ConExion for more powerful visibility and analytics.


Download LifeConEx service bundle chart [PDF] ›



Project-Based Cold Chain Management and Consultation Services Available

Whether you want to test a new trade lane, implement a cold chain network, test and qualify packaging technologies, map and integrate ambient temperature profiles of your product’s environmental conditions, or simply require a deeper level of project-based cold chain consultation, we provide solutions. Our dedicated project management team will help simplify your life in a complex cold chain world.

  • coldchain iconCold Chain Optimisation
    Whether it’s just a focused project to optimise a piece of your cold chain or a longer term, ongoing inspection of your entire process, LifeConEx will help you do logistics better in any capacity. We have experts from all walks of logistics, life sciences and information technology available for consultation.
  • audit iconCold Chain Audit and Consultation
    LifeConEx provides services to complement or supplement your current temperature-sensitive transportation needs. From conducting pre-audit, during audit, and post-audit support, LifeConEx can help you prepare and stay on track.
  • mapping iconAmbient Temperature Mapping
    To ensure the product inside the packaging is stable, we need to know what the outside temperature is during the shipment transit. Ambient temperature profiling provides the data needed to determine which packaging best suits the needs of the temperature-sensitive product.

    The benefits of ambient temperature mapping:
    • Manage risk by understanding the ambient temperature ranges the shipment will encounter during transit throughout each season (spring, summer, winter, fall)
    • Enact continuous improvement of your cold chain
    • Consultative assessment by gathering data to better determine packaging needs of your existing clients
    • Create additional data feeds into the LifeConEx integrated data portal
    • Reduce the number of packaging types needed by utilising the same packaging types in areas with similar ambient temperature ranges
    • Control the packaging cost by effectively selecting the packaging type best suited for our client’s needs
  • lifecube iconLifeCUBE
    One price. One network. One solution.
    LifeCUBE combines control, simplicity and reliability in an all-inclusive service offering. It features prequalified, reusable packaging technology, positioning and returning of the packaging, proactive monitoring and intervention and external and internal temperature data available via LifeTrack. This service is ideal for biopharmaceutical and clinical trial shippers who want to minimise packing material inventory, simplify their packaging operations and standardise their cold chain processes. Additionally, LifeCUBE’s carefully selected packaging solutions offer environmentally friendly containers with less waste and CO2 emission.

Ready to put logic at the heart of your product logistics?

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