LifeConEx maintains partnerships with leading handlers worldwide to help you mitigate risk, seek out more efficient channels and meet the most intensive regulatory standards. Our network includes:


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2,500+ qualified global trade routes

  • 165+ origin and destination countries served
  • 300+ origin and destination airports

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Forwarder- and carrier-neutral

  • Collaboration with 100+ carriers
  • 300+ logistics partners including airport handlers

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Multilingual cold chain specialists located worldwide

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Setting a higher standard

When it comes to your cold chain, everyone involved is responsible for upholding Good Distribution Practices. Our goal is to be an active participant in leading the implementation of regulations for temperature-sensitive life sciences products in the transportation industry. We believe that proactive management of processes throughout the supply chain should be a universal standard, ensuring products arrive to patients in the right condition, at the right place, at the right time — it’s all about connecting people with life.



The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Strategic Partnerships program provides aviation suppliers and service providers with a platform to directly contribute to the development of solutions to industry challenges and priorities, in addition to the hub of networking opportunities. Through participation in workgroups and task forces alongside IATA and its member airlines, IATA Strategic Partnerships set and develop global industry standards, thus helping airlines, airports and other industry stakeholders make strategic and resource management choices. LifeConEx has been selected as a partner by the IATA Training and Development Institute to perform the course titled “Air Transport Logistics for Time and Temperature-Sensitive Healthcare Products.”

The IATA Training and Development Institute is an organisation that addresses the issues of cross-disciplinary training in the five major sectors of the aviation industry: airlines, airports, cargo, civil aviation and travel and tourism. The IATA Training and Development Institute’s faculty includes internationally recognised experts, chosen for their interdisciplinary experience and expertise that support the immediate transfer of learning to the workplace.


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Rx-360 is a nonprofit international consortium developed by members of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including their suppliers. Rx-360’s mission is to enhance the security and ensure the quality and authenticity of products moving through the supply chain, working in the best interest of patients. LifeConEx strives to contribute to this mission and provides knowledge and experience in end-to-end, temperature-controlled transportation solutions for the life science industry. LifeConEx believes in the continuous improvement of processes throughout the supply chain to uphold sustainable targets, such as product quality, patient safety and risk mitigation.


Partner with LifeConEx

LifeConEx proactively seeks partnerships that will make cold chain management safer and more efficient. If you believe your organisation could help us in furthering that mission, please contact us.

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