Meet the people who lead LifeConEx

  • david headshot

    David Bang

  • Nina headshot 2017

    Nina Heinz
    Global Head of Quality

  • gordon headshot

    Gordon Johnson
    Global Head of Optimisation 

  • dina headshot

    Dina Carmignani-Bunn
    Global Head of Central Operations & IT

  • federico headshotjpg

    Federico Lupp
    Head of Business Development, EMEA & AP 

  • Frank Cascante small

    Frank Cascante
    Head of Business Development Americas’

“My job is MEANINGFUL. Not just for me, but for the people I’m CONNECTING with life. I interact with people from all over the world on a PERSONAL level every day, and at the end of a day, I can say I’ve solved CHALLENGES for them. That’s rewarding.”
- Lillian Liang, Asia Project Specialist

Our Culture

As the industry’s preferred logistics and distribution provider, we rely on intelligent, capable and assertive people to deliver on our promise to Connect People With Life. Our people know what needs to be done, know how to do it and will do what it takes to simplify, expedite and safeguard your shipment processes.

Our team is fixated on fine-tuning and making continuous improvements in the areas we serve, which include analytics, operations, IT, quality assurance and more. Our culture hinges on innovation and integrity — we’re always looking for new ways to improve and streamline processes that enhance our service’s reliability and uphold your product’s integrity.

LifeConEx retains industry-leading experts to support the entire cold chain:

  • Audit and regulatory compliance managers
  • Business intelligence specialists
  • Global cold chain consultants
  • Implementation advisors
  • Logistics specialists
  • Process and performance managers
  • Project managers
  • Quality and partner management experts
  • Technology and packaging experts

Ready to put logic at the heart of your product logistics?

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