Nina Heinz

Global Head of Quality

Nina Heinz 2018
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I have a favorite quote from Albert Einstein that exemplifies how I live my life: ‘I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.’ Curiosity is what drives me to deliver for our clients. I ask difficult questions and then lead the way to finding their answers.”

As head of quality at LifeConEx, Nina Heinz works with her team to cover a wide array of quality matters in regulatory compliance, audits, training, partner management, customer complaints and continuous improvement. Nina played a key role in the implementation of the global DHL THERMONET network of GDP-compliant life sciences stations, including the internal DHL THERMONET GDP guidelines, training programs and internal audit certification to ensure full regulatory compliance. As an IRCA Certified Quality Auditor, she is also very active in performing audits at airports worldwide in coordination with the respective handling and airline partners to assess their capabilities in facilitating temperature-sensitive life sciences shipments.
Nina is a member of the IATA Time & Temperature Task Force and has been working closely on the developments of IATA Chapter 17 of the Perishable Cargo Regulations. In addition, she is a certified IATA instructor and played an important role in establishing the IATA pharmaceutical cargo handling three-day course. Nina is a member of Rx360, an international consortium of pharmaceutical companies and suppliers that aims to develop and implement a global quality system.
Prior to her career at LifeConEx, Nina worked with Lufthansa Cargo for several years as a global account manager for key pharmaceutical customers in Europe.

Nina completed her studies in Boston, Massachusetts, and currently resides in Paris with her husband and two children. Nina enjoys trying out new recipes with her young in-house sous chefs and traveling to discover new people and places.