Put logic at the heart of your product logistics


lifetrack iconAs our proprietary cold chain tracking and management system, LifeTrack combines custom data collection, reporting and analytics tools with 24/7/365 access to our team of dedicated experts. By enabling active, Web-based shipment tracking and near real-time monitoring of sensory data, LifeTrack and our support team give you the best transparency, traceability, reporting and collaboration tools to keep your products safe. With LifeConEx and LifeTrack, our cold-chain stays aligned with your SOP(s) and everyone involved is held accountable.

lifetrack multi screens 

Right time. Right place. Right in front of you.


  • Customisable cold chain dashboards
  • SOP management and reporting
  • Business analytics tools through ConExion
  • Instant access to expert cold chain advisors
  • Technically and functionally compliant with 21 CFR 11 standards


All of your information. Always accessible.

  • Customisable cold chain dashboards
  • Customer accounts and contacts, products, packaging
  • Shipping trade lanes and SOPs
  • Shipment transit compliance to SOP including timestamps and  temperature information

On the go. In the know.

  • Web-based system works on all devices with Internet access

360° cold chain visibility

  • Works with LifeConEx’s in-transit technologies
  • RFID ambient temperature monitoring data
  • Shipment tracking data, including ambient temperature graphs overlaid with movement milestones

Keep connected without the complexities

  • Email notifications upon verification of each logistical event
  • Recovery and proactive actions are initiated for any deviations noted
  • Alerts are sent to inform you of measures taken and resolutions

Business analytics tools through ConExion

  • Access cloud-based cold chain analytics and comparison tools that aggregate and present your data in meaningful, insightful ways
  • Import data from other sources to compare risk factors and generate user-defined reports for evaluating and improving performance

Instant access to expert cold chain advisors

  • 24/7/365 support
  • Experts are a call or click away
  • Multilingual support located around the globe

Lives up to all standards

  • Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliant
  • Technically and functionally compliant with 21 CFR 11 standards
  • Quality system fully documented and monitored for effectiveness
  • Change Control System in place for alterations of critical processes
  • Standard operation procedures accessible to all authorized users