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Working Together: How LifeConEx Built Collaborative Workspaces

Friday, April 11, 2014 at 10:12 AM | Vivian Berni | Collaboration

If you attend industry conferences or seminars about regulation, logistics and life sciences/health care, you’ll hear the term “collaboration” crop up a lot. It’s nothing new, but it’s becoming more important in the modern world as we become more connected (while also working more remotely) around the globe. The rise of cloud computing and faster Internet connections have enabled easier, more effective means for collaboration. As such, it’s important that businesses have the proper tools to enable effective collaboration. But technology is only one component of collaboration. What about designing “collaborative workspaces” to foster an environment where employees build social communities to solve problems creatively within traditional industries?

At LifeConEx, we recently relocated our headquarters to a building five minutes away. We took advantage of the opportunity and demolished existing physical barriers to collaboration. What did we do to liven up the office?

  • Created a “Collaboration Zone,” furnished with bean bag chairs and artificial grass
  • Provided an open setting where people can work while making themselves accessible to others
  • Made it simple for team members to quickly share information from their personal devices using larger formats (e.g., projectors) to encourage fast and easy group participation

We drew inspiration from companies that have been successful in implementing creative, collaborative workspace designs:

Take a look at what we built. What do you think? How does your organization promote collaboration? Share your tips with the community by leaving a comment below!

Vivian Berni


Vivian Berni, Senior Advisor, Optimisation

I am a science and technology explorer who is connecting the dots within the life sciences and health care sectors. Logistics and supply chain management are just some of the many variables that I consider daily. Within LifeConEx/DHL, I’m keeping tabs on industry trends while looking for ways to optimise my customers’ business. Prior to this, I was a driver of innovation who was responsible for project implementations affecting customer journey, branding and ideation. Email thoughts, tips and questions to vivian.berni@lifeconex.com or follow me on Twitter @vivianberni.

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