Technology Enhances Operational Performance

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Client Basics

Client: U.S.-based Health Care Company
Destination: Multiple
Project Scope: Almost 400 Trade Lanes
Unique Factors: Temperature-sensitive Shipments


A U.S.-based biotechnology company that sells products and services in the fields of scientific research, genetic analysis and applied sciences needed LifeConEx’s logistics tracking technology, LifeTrack, to facilitate its operational performance.


The client partnered with LifeConEx for two distinct reasons: strategy and innovation. The client needed to establish visibility and control over its international shipments, of which 50 percent are temperature-sensitive. This would enable the client to establish monitored trade lanes and optimise shipping strategies. The client started using LifeConEx in 2006 and integrated LifeConEx technologies into its business operations. Since then, LifeConEx technologies have helped it develop innovation methods for delivering products in the most time- and cost-efficient ways possible.

Client’s Global Supply Chain
  • Almost 400 trade lanes
  • 50,000+ products (~50% temperature sensitive)
  • 2,000+ international shipments per month


LifeTrack technologies were integrated into the client’s business process seamlessly. Throughout the relationship, there has been a special emphasis on online shipment management, as it supports near real-time transportation milestones, access to shipping documents and process transparency and facilitates stakeholder communication. LifeConEx technologies also play a central role in the client’s logistics documentation.


Through LifeTrack, the client’s order cycle time process has improved. The client has also noted numerous positive by-products from LifeConEx solutions, including increased collaboration, shipment visibility, support in tactical decision making and protection of revenue stream. The client is also better equipped to measure key performance indicators, such as successful deliveries (damage free), controllable versus uncontrollable issues (root cause analysis), transit time and more.

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