Setting a New Standard for Trade Lanes

trade lanes

Client Basics

Client: Global Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer
Destination: None (Internal Operations)
Project Scope: 40 Trade Lanes
Unique Factors: SOP Development


A global biopharmaceutical manufacturer was experiencing major product losses out of its facility in Los Angeles (LAX) because of insufficient quality control of its SOPs. As a result, the manufacturer would secure the product out of its European facility and then ship to South America instead of securing product out of its LAX facility.

  • The LAX facility had no system to keep track of its existing cold chain network (e.g., the facility often didn’t know how to get its consignees involved when establishing a new trade lane or what documentation was relevant).
  • Trade lane management was performed solely through the forwarder, which provided no regulatory compliance as the SOPs were not being implemented throughout every trade lane.
  • Because of costs and inexperience with the pharmaceutical service levels available with airlines out of LAX, the manufacturer was shipping product as general cargo.


Due to a successful relationship with the same manufacturer out of its facility in Europe, LifeConEx was recommended to support the LAX branch with its process management. LifeConEx immediately began to push for visibility over all airline carriers and partners involved with each trade lane out of LAX.

This transparency would enable LifeConEx to develop, optimise and reinforce the SOPs.


LifeConEx designed and implemented all SOPs at the origin, transit point and destination for every required trade lane (40 in all) and trained the manufacturer, forwarder and airline on each. Preapproval processes were put in place with governmental and regulatory bodies to ensure that prior approval was given regarding storage capabilities at the destination.


The client stopped booking its products as general cargo and immediately recognised the value of booking at the proper service level. The client also became aware that the destination needed to be more involved in the process for efficient transportation, care and delivery. As a result of LifeConEx’s involvement and continuous improvement practices, regulatory-compliant processes were successfully implemented and maintained for each trade lane out of LAX.

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