Re-Forwarding via Miami

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Client Basics

Client: U.S.-based Multinational Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer
Destination: Chile From Israel
Project Scope: 52-hour Time Frame
Unique Factors: -20° to 0°C Temperature Range


A U.S. multinational medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer with operations in more than 57 countries and products sold in more than 175 countries looked to LifeConEx to facilitate the shipment of temperature-sensitive products from Israel to Chile, with transit stops in Zurich and Miami. The required product temperature was -20° to 0°C.


The shipment’s packaging validation window was reduced from 72 hours to 52 hours. Once the shipment arrived at Zurich, it was critical to follow processes per the outlined SOP to ensure the shipment’s prompt pick-up time from the carrier.

Because of an existing same day cut-off deadline for a Zurich-to-Miami flight connection, the job required precision as the flight could not be missed. Shortly after the flight arrived, LifeConEx arranged for the shipment to be re-iced by DHL Global Forwarding (DGF) in Miami, and process export clearance was also performed. The shipment was then recovered by DGF Miami and tendered to the carrier (the SOP required a specific carrier) for flight departure on the same day as re-icing and customs clearance.


Since Miami functions as a gateway for exports from the U.S., Europe and Asia to Latin America, it serves as a re-forwarding station. LifeConEx specialists designed a process that involved DGF Miami as a re-forwarding agent that could recover and hold cargo in a cool room facility before the cargo made the next leg of the journey. Because of these capabilities, LifeConEx even developed contingency plans around the shipment and client requirements.


When the pre-booked carrier in Miami did not have the necessary space to fit the shipment into its aircraft, LifeConEx’s intervention and rebooking with a different carrier ensured the product’s safe and timely transit. LifeConEx successfully moved the shipment from Israel within the validation window using the existing flight schedule: Tel Aviv to Zurich to Miami to Santiago de Chile. The management of re-icing of packaging, as well as contingency planning, reinforced the safety of the expedited shipment.

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