LifeConEx Monitoring and Intervention Saves a Shipment

Client Basics

Client: European Based Pharmaceutical
Destination: China
Project Scope: Single Shipment
Unique Factors: Potential Temperature Deviation on National Holiday


A client needed to ship four active cool containers to China. Two of the four active cool containers were not loaded on the aircraft on the day of the scheduled departure because they would cause an imbalance in the weight of the aircraft; the aircraft had exceeded its allowable weight. Cargo planes have three compartments for storing cargo: front, center and rear. Each compartment has different limits on both weight and space. Furthermore, the weight of the cargo in the respective compartments must be the same proportion of that compartment’s weight capacity to maintain the balance of the plane.

As a result, the shipment was split and only half of the products departed to China as planned. The containers that were left behind were taken to a warehouse where ground handlers stored them until the containers could be loaded on the next flight. During the wait, the containers started to indicate a rising temperature and a decrease in the battery voltages. However, the airline, ground handler and forwarder staff did not have the necessary access to dry ice or batteries because it was a national holiday. Action needed to be taken to safeguard the shipment.


LifeConEx cold chain specialists were able to intervene and proceed with the pre-established contingency plan. The situation was analysed and a calculation was performed to assess the risk associated with the amount of dry ice that was left in the container.


Per the evaluation, LifeConEx arranged for the two containers to be flown to the closest airport where they could be replenished with batteries and dry ice.


The two containers finished the journey successfully, and the client received continuous status and health updates every step of the way. 

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