LifeConEx Helps a Product Launch on Time in China

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Client Basics

Client: U.S.-based Health Care Company
Destination: China
Project Scope: $35 Million USD
Unique Factors: Charter Flight, Envirotainer (e2) Containers


A U.S.-based health care company that primarily focuses on products to treat hemophilia, kidney disease, immune disorders and other chronic and acute medical conditions requested that LifeConEx review its logistics processes because it was unsure about its previous forwarder’s recommendations for pursuing a product launch.

The forwarder had selected the wrong airline partner for a $35 million USD product launch with the mistaken assumption that the airline could handle cold chain processes in Shanghai, China, just because the airline was recently certified at origin. Additionally, the airline only handled one type of active container, the CSafe AcuTemp, which no one in China knew how to handle or operate. Because of these incidents, the client had to delay the product launch for China until these issues could be addressed.


A LifeConEx specialist appraised the ability of the carrier (which was recommended by the forwarder) to handle cold chain processes at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The carrier acknowledged it was not yet ready and did not have properly trained staff. This gap in the risk assessment was discussed in-depth with the client to understand its objectives and requirements for its product launch. A series of conference calls were hosted to brainstorm and explore opportunities to strengthen the client’s cold chain for its Shanghai, China, trade lane. Based on this exchange, LifeConEx recommended an option that met all the client’s requirements.


LifeConEx identified all the risks involved in the transport journey using the logistics option recommended by the forwarder. A new cold chain solution was proposed and accepted by the shipper. This plan addressed all aforementioned risks and uncertainties.


The products arrived successfully and were released on time for product launch in the Chinese market. LifeConEx helped the product provider avoid a delay to market and ensured optimal shipping and handling procedures were in place before the product shipped.

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